Green sapling

She thinks the story is cute. She loves to tell it. I think I’d be ashamed to tell stories like this. A few people don’t like it, and look at me funny, but most of them laugh, they think it’s cute too.

“Well, I told Ossi she was going to get a spanking, so she answers to me, “I’ll go get a stick for you to spank me with. A nice green, young one that will sting” 

Titter, titter, titter…..

There is a reason I say this. The green saplings do sting, they burn actually, and sometimes they cut me and make me bleed. It’s not the trees fault. This way hurts a lot more in the beginning, but the pain goes away after awhile. The cuts scab over and fade. And the stinging fades away too.

The other way is much worse, a strong flat hand delivering one jarring smack after another, until my bones shift to get away. This pain doesn’t fade as easily or as fast. This pain aches and aches for a long time. This pain stays with me, and doesn’t let me sleep. This way crushes me. His hands are strong from working in the shipyards. He’s young. My bones haven’t been keeping up. They can’t ease back into place before the next time. 

So you see, I’m the smart one. I’m the one who knows what is real. I’m the one who knows the best way to do things. That’s why the sapling stick may seem to you a much worse punishment. But it really isn’t.